July 2008

31 Jul 2008


29 Jul 2008

One rarely hears the word “harlot” today. We still hear the word “whore,” but mostly in a non-Biblical sense (“attention whore”). The implications of fornication and adultery are mostly gone. The decline from “sodomite” (Biblical term implying judgment) to “homosexual” (clinical term) to “gay” (phony euphemism) is now mirrored by the decline from whore/harlot (judgment) to today’s “prostitute” (clinical cf. the TNIV) to tomorrow’s euphemistic heir apparent: sex worker.

Sex worker. What a term! Norm MacDonald, whose vulgarity clouded clever satire, nailed the new morality back in 1997 (and yes, all but the punch line really happened):

In San Francisco last week, a birthday party for one of the area’s leading political figures, attended by the city’s Mayor, Sheriff, and members of the board of supervisors, culminated with a performance in which a dominatrix used a razor blade to carve a satanic star into the back of her male partner, then urinated on him, before finally sodomizing the man with a liquor bottle. After learning of the incident from press reports, San Franciscans expressed shock and outrage that the liquor bottle was not recycled.

Environmentalism is one thing, but the precincts of liberalism that glory in their irreverence and acceptance of degradation are way too precious to deal with anything implying condemnation. This gets the Tolerant crowd downright offended, angry, even violent. That’s not what they mean by free speech, pal. It turns out that the world has its own Puritan (impuritan?) streak.

“Sex worker” seems so bland, so inoffensive, so legal. And of course, the whole point is to muddy the waters and soften the blow. Consider:

How the faithful city has become a whore sex worker. -Isa. 1:21

“You have played the harlot sex worker with many lovers; and would you return to me?,” declares the Lord. -Jer 3:1

Not quite the same, eh?

Even we Christians cringe when hearing “harlot” and “whore” used in their Biblical sense. They aren’t meant for polite company any longer. But isn’t that another mark of our worldliness?

23 Jul 2008

I don’t know if the world is laughing at the Christian church for stuff like this (HT: Riddleblog), but if it isn’t it should be. The level of irreverence in some contemporary evangelical churches is amazing. Is there no fear of the Lord?

The broken wrist is the least of this church’s problems. It reminds me on old Jerry Seinfeld stand-up bit:

So they’re showing me on television the detergent for getting out blood stains… Blood stains? … You got a T-shirt with blood stains all over it, maybe laundry isn’t your biggest problem right now…Maybe you oughtta get the harpoon out of your chest first.

21 Jul 2008

Comments are open. Question: Whether it’s over the phone or that person ringing your bell, how do you respond to cold calls? Most of the web discussion on this topic is one-way (helping the hawker), so I’m looking for advice on behalf of the prospect/victim. I hate to be rude to an eternal soul, but as small business owners can tell you, unsolicited calls and drop-bys can be disruptive. Salesmen can usually parry better than you; they’re practiced at dealing with objections. They know how to keep the ball rolling. They rely on those who don’t want to be impolite to extend conversations, wasting one’s time and energy. Many seem to play on guilt, showing an entitlement mentality when their prey doesn’t want to engage them (much like a street bum who cusses you for not giving him change).

Because of all this, my current response to phone solicitors is to immediately say, as politely as possible, “I’m not interested, but thank you”… click. I frankly have never come up with a satisfactory way of dealing with drop-bys. Have you?

Salesmen who practice hard-sell techniques will tell you that they it this because it works, and in the end they build businesses and help people. I wonder though about the vast number of people that they irritate and whose work they disrupt to get to that point.

Enlighten me, readers!

14 Jul 2008

An overflow quote from the Georgian Godfather post…

The mustached Producer [of the show trials] knew each of them very well. He also knew that on the whole they were weaklings, and he knew, one by one, the particular weaknesses of each. Therein lay his dark and special talent, his main psychological bent and his life’s achievement: to see people’s weaknesses on the lowest plane of being. And the man who seems … to have embodied the highest and brightest intelligence of all the disgraced and executed leaders… was N.I. Bukharin. Stalin saw through him, too, at that lowest stratum at which the human being unites with the earth; and Stalin held him in a long death grip, playing with him as a cat plays with a mouse, letting him go just a little, and then catching him again. -A. Solzhenitsyn, Gulag Archipelago vol1, “The Law Matures, p. 412

08 Jul 2008

HT: Pastor Timmons.

07 Jul 2008

The CoE’s “growth” continues…

03 Jul 2008

I recently re-watched the The Lord of the Rings on DVD and was struck again by the colossal achievement. I now believe it to be — by a mile — the greatest adventure film ever. The book isn’t too shabby either. (By the way, it is key to watch the extended DVD edition that adds 2hrs to the original trilogy. It eliminates disjointedness, adds great scenes, and supplies a depth that is missing in the original theatrical versions. They really should just burn and throw away the theatrical versions; the extended edition trilogy is the masterpiece.)

Anyway, there’s a stirring scene in the last film where Elrond presents the Narsil sword to Aragorn, saying: “Put aside the ranger. Become who you were born to be.” I reminded a young friend yesterday that is something we men need to remind ourselves of often, to step up to the plate. As Paul tells the Corinthians:

Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong. -1 Cor 16:13