May 2005

28 May 2005

This is the 12th-century Church of the Intercession near Bogolyubovo in Russia. It stands alone in a remote field by the small Nerl river. To this eye it is one of the loveliest churches ever constructed.

Church of the Intercession on the Nerl

13 May 2005

Paul tells us that the form of this world is passing away. Spamming surely is an evil that will pass with it. But alas, in this temporal world the spam is causing too much administrative hassle… And so, comments have been disabled. Do send email, though!

07 May 2005

Troubles and trials often betray those
Causing the weary body to stray
But we shall walk beside the still water
With the good shepherd leading the way

Going up home to live in green pastures
Where we shall live and die never more
Even the Lord will be in that number
When we have reached that heavenly shore

Those who have strayed were sought by the master
He who once gave his life for the sheep
Out on the mountain still He is searching
Bringing them in forever to keep

We will not heed the voice of the stranger
For he would lead us on to despair
Following home with Jesus our savior
We shall all reach that country so fair

So goes the traditional hymn “Green Pastures.” Emmylou Harris’s exalted and intense rendition on the “Down from the Mountain” DVD takes one to that joyful place where the clouds break and one gets a glimpse of heaven.

02 May 2005

Stalin’s atheism was neither abrupt nor complete. His atheism was a rebellion against God rather than a disavowal of the deity.

So says Donald Rayfield in “Stalin and His Hangmen.” It is a most intruguing statement about this hard, cruel man. How many atheists does it describe today, whose rebellion stems more from anger than disbelief? And this anger or rebellion, no matter what caused it, is always without warrant. God has forgiven us for things far worse than we can ever imagine or suffer ourselves.